How To Buy Lululemon on Sale

How To Buy Lululemon On Sale

Every woman in their lifetime should own a pair of classic Lululemon leggings. Today I am going to show you the best way to purchase Lululemon brand new on sale, Yes I said new Lululemon on sale. No more having to save up for a pair of leggings, or have to purchase used from second hand sellers. Follow these steps to get the best deal for one of my favorite activewear brands out there.

1. ALWAYS Check Out The “we made too much” Page On Their Website

If you are looking to purchase right from Lululemon always take a look at the “we made too much” page. To access that page go to their website Then click on Women or Men and in the drop bar click on “we made too much” to access all the sale goodies. Everything from hair accessories to jackets can be found on this page all at a great marked down price.

Check Out These Leggings for only $59

2. See If There Is A Lululemon Outlet Near You

With 12 or more outlet locations there hopefully is a location near you. If there is a location and hour away, let me tell you it is worth the drive. Leggings range from anywhere between $39-$59 and bras and shorts can be anywhere from $19-$39. Let’s not forget all the accessories and outerwear that are marked down to more than 50% off. If you can make it to a Lululemon outlet I strongly recommend it.

3. Check Poshmark For New With Tags Deals

Poshmark has it all, their quick and continent services can get you in touch with some of the best deals for brand new items from the brands we know and love. Dive deep into the Lululemon page and see what people have to offer. Don’t be shy to take advantage of the “make and offer” button. Some sellers will take their best offer and call it a day. You can find some great Lululemon pieces that are brand new and are some great prices up to 70% off.

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