Streetwear Styling 101

One of the best chic and comfy style categories is streetwear. It is a style that anybody can wear no matter their age or budget. The key aspects of street wear consist of hoodies, sneakers, skate wear, hats, and oversized jackets. Layering is key when it comes to streetwear styling, always pair basics with one pop of pattern. Streetwear is no the most feminine of styles, but you can add some jewelry or hair accessories to make it more feminine. Today you see all of your favorite celebs jumping into the streetwear category, their oversized mom jeans and sneakers is the hottest style season for many. So let’s take a look at some styling ideas, and hopefully influence you to add some more streetwear pieces to your wardrobe.

Hoodies are Key

As you can see above a simple hoodie is the perfect to having a the best “fit”. pair with you fa write jeans or sweatpants, throw on some accessories and look super street stylish. The comfort and cuteness of hoodies makes styling them extremely easy with items already that are in your closet.

What Goes On The Feet?

The two calories for footwear that you want to stay in when styling street clothes is either boots or chunky sneakers. For the past few years “dad shoes” have been all the rage they add an element of grunge and texture to your outfit. When going for boots always lean towards a pair that have a more thick sole. Some staple shoes to look for if they are in your budget is Air Jordan 1’s, Timberland Boots, Nike Air Force 1, Adidas Falcons, and even black High top Converse for only $50. If your purchasing shoes like these for the first time, I highly reccomend staying in the black or white color tones.

Accessory Styling

The best way to pull your outfit together and really make it special is by adding a few unique accessories. Hats, sunglasses, and statement jewelry are going to be the three main accessories you want to focus on when styling your outfit. hot items right now are oversized or really small sunglasses, bucket hats and beanies, and cross body or top handle bags. One of the most popular looks you see is the pairing between a crossbody fanny pack and a bucket hat or beanie. Take a look at some of the accessory styling below and get some inspiration for your winter streetwear outfits.

Its All About The Outerwear

Stay warm and stay chic at the same time. Don’t hesitate to throw on an oversized jacket when finishing up your look. A jacket is the perfect statement to add to a simple look. choose from a puffer, denim, sherpa, or pea coat and really elevate your look. Take a look below on styling ideas and different jacket pairings that fit more into your personality.

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