Bottega Vaneta Hype

Bottega Vanetta has been a luxury brand since the early 60’s. The Italian luxury good and high end fashion brand has made a huge impact on the last two years fashion trends. The classic Bottega woven leather is a staple, and a style that will Cath the eye of many people. One of the hottest items from the company is their lovely pouch clutches, and square toe heels. Thanks to Kylie Jenner who managed to make the Bottega square toe heel trend happen, we have been able to see this style featured on many of our favorite celebs. If you are looking for a luxury designer that doesn’t have labels all over Bottega Vaneta is a perfect fit, those who love fashion will recognize brand, and those who dont will appreciate the bag for its simple artistry.

The Pouch

The bag you’ve seen on models, celebrities, influencers, and fashion insiders alike is the Bottega Veneta Pouch. This gorgeous and luxurious Italian leather pouch just screams casual chic. Great for day to night we understand where all this hype is coming from. The different color ways, and leather materials allows everyone to find the perfect pair that fits into the daily day to day wear. The clutch is extremely oversized and quite simple, with soft folds of leather which cover the rigid, magnetic frame and complete the voluminous clutch. The clutch is simple and also a statement at the same time, it is a great first Bottega Piece to add to your collection.

The Square Toe Heel

This years hottest trend is the square toe heel. Kylie Jenner first introduced herself wearing this style shoe last year on her instagram, and it has blown up ever since. The comfort and the unique style is what makes these shoes such a hit. Whether you are someone who wears heels for casual wear, work, or going out the many different styles and color combinations allows everyone to find their perfect pair for their needs.

Other Popular Pieces

Prices for Bottega Vaneta may not be the most affordable but their bags quality and styles is what sets them apart from all the other luxury retailers. Below I am going to show you some of the other popular pieces that we will be seeing a lot of for the next few seasons.

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