Dad Shoe Trend

Dad Shoe Trend

Im going to put you on to the most comfortable and fashion forward trend, and much like last year it’s all about the oversized dad shoe. You can see all the hottest celebs rocking their chunky sneakers for any occasion. Pair them with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses, and no matter what it will give you that extra pop of fun fashion. Nothing is better than having an outfit and not only does it look cute but its also super comfortable. Dad shoes come in all styles, colors, and brands so no matter what budget you have or how risky you are with your fashion, there will definitely be a dad shoe perfect for you out there. Take a look below at some of my favorite styling ideas, and dad shoe ideas.

As you can see above there are so many ways of styling when it comes to sneakers. I am loving the sweatshirt and sweatpants vibe for the fall and winter, and highly recommend trying that styling out for yourself. If you have a more girly or street overall style you can definitely incorporate a dad shoe into your wardrobe.

When I think dad shoe my mind automatically goes to three particular shoes one being the Balenciaga Triple S, Yeezy 700, and the most affordable being the all white Adidas Falcon. Walking around NYC and you can see so many fashionable individuals rocking the Balenciaga Triple S and making them their own unique look. Below Take a look at these three shoes and possibly give a pair of them a try.

I believe what makes an outfit is solely based on your accessories, shoes, and bag choice. I highly recommend checking out adding a pair of chunky sneakers or “dad shoes” to your wardrobe for that comfy chic look. Any budget, any style there is sure to be a pair out there that suit your personality.

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