Designer Boots You NEED

Designer Boots You NEED

Two of my favorite things are fall and luxury goods, what better way to kick off the colder season by treating yourself to a pair of designer boots. Be smart with your boot decision, take into consideration your lifestyle, your wardrobe, and comfort. Over here at Luxury Loop we are loving the white boot trend for fall and winter, but if that’s not your style I’m going to introduce you to a more essential boot that can be worn for years and still be in style. From classic combat to some more fun pair of boots I’m going to show the do’s and dont’s of designer boots, and the pairs that you NEED in your closet for fall/winter 2020.

Combat Boots

The hottest shoes on the list have got to be the Prada Lug boot, and all I have to say is they are truly something else, the quality and unique style make them far from anything out there on the market in the designer world. If your someone who wants a more subtle look, I would definitely recommend going for the Louis Vuitton platform desert boot, or the Christian Louboutin red sole studded boots. The Louis boots come in many different materials, colors, and height, they are the perfect belt for someone who is looking for that subtle statement of classic Louis Vuitton monogram. Another classic is definitely the Fendi all over logo stretch combat boot, these are for someone who wants to show off their new purchase, and have something fun to were all year round, because they are so light and effortless. Lastly lets talk about the brand new Jimmy Choo x Timberland collaboration, they are a limited edition collab that did not disappoint the fun embroidered Jimmy Choo logo on the hang tag and upper leather makes them a super cool to any classic Timberland fan.

Look book Of All The Must Have Heeled Boots For 2020

Designers such as Chloe, Gucci, Chanel, Valentino, Off White, Christian Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton can all be seen above. There are so many great things about each of these boots, do your research and look at the textures, leathers, embellishments, and really find a pair that speak to you. Your truly can’t go wrong with any of these options they will be classic forever.

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The Perfect Fit: Denim

The Perfect Fit: Denim

Every person should own the perfect pair of jeans in their wardrobe. No matter your size or budget there is always options for you. This season our denim is going to be the star of the show. Say goodbye to your uncomfortable skinny jeans, and hello to a more relaxed and comfortable fitting jean. Take a look below at some styling ideas, and some store recommendations where you can purchase denim for all shapes and sizes. Always remember when looking for jeans that if you feel good in them, you’ll look good in them. Whether your a fashionista or not, when in doubt always go for denim.

If I told myself 5 years ago that in 2020 the bigger your pants are the cuter they look, I wouldn’t even believe it. Thanks to the mom jean and its high impact on fashion, we have now found a pair of jeans that are cute and effotless. Take a look at some of your fav celebs and you can see them all rocking a pair of mom jeans.

Let’s take a look at some pattern, spice up your outfit with a little pattern this fall. Take a look at some plaids and checker prints, maybe a fun animal print. Experiment as much as you want with your pant there are so many pairs of fun pants on the market dig around and find a pair that speaks to you.

Take look at some bottoms that I have fallen in love with for the fall weather. Click the pictures below to check out some of the most size inclusive, and budget friendly bottoms to spice up your wardrobe.

AE Plaid Mom Pants


Sizes: 000-24


Petite high rise stretch ‘effortless’ crop kick flare jeans in mid vintage blue


Sizes: 23-34

High Rise Tie-Dye Cheeky Straight Jeans


Sizes: 24-35 (petite, regular, tall)

blue co ord riot highwaisted patchwork mom jeans


Sizes: 0-14

AE Curvy Mom Jean


Sizes: 00-24

All About Layering Fall / Winter 2020

All About Layering Fall / Winter 2020

This year is all about comfort, and most importantly adding layers to your outfit. Many are loving the look of oversized peacoat, and other varieties of jackets or the cold weather. No matter your budget or size this trend will suit anyone. I would highly recommend taking a look at more outfit inspiration featuring oversized jackets on Pinterest. Below I am going to put some of my favorite outfit ideas, and what I truly think will be this years hottest layering pieces.

Long Coats

Throw on a long coat with any sweatshirt, sweater, or turtle neck and you’ll have yourself a whole look. The photo inspirations above are definitely the direction you want to head in, its all about putting together your basics and pairing it with the jackets and accessories that just add that extra heat.

Oversized Flannels

If you are someone who really loves that true streetwear / tomboy look this trend will be perfect for you. You can find a flannel like the ones above anywhere I recommend checking out your local Forever 21, Zara, Pac Sun, or even Nordstrom. This look is great for that comfy on the go on the look, and you can see all your favorite celebs rocking it this year.

Puffer Jackets

Keep yourself warm and cozy through the cold weather seasons with a basic puffer jacket. Throw one over literally anything that you wearing and you’ll be good to go. Im loving this look, and it’s so convenient that it can be paired with more casual or dressy looks. The colors and varieties that these jackets come in makes it easy to play around with color and pattern, and make it easy to brighten up you outfit.


$104 from Gap (xs-xxl)
$89 from Hollister (xxl-xxl)
$53 from PrettyLittleThing (0-12) Multiple colors
$44 from PrettyLittleThing (0-12)
$79.90 from Uniqlo (xxl-xxl) multiple colors

Dad Shoe Trend

Dad Shoe Trend

Im going to put you on to the most comfortable and fashion forward trend, and much like last year it’s all about the oversized dad shoe. You can see all the hottest celebs rocking their chunky sneakers for any occasion. Pair them with leggings, jeans, skirts, and dresses, and no matter what it will give you that extra pop of fun fashion. Nothing is better than having an outfit and not only does it look cute but its also super comfortable. Dad shoes come in all styles, colors, and brands so no matter what budget you have or how risky you are with your fashion, there will definitely be a dad shoe perfect for you out there. Take a look below at some of my favorite styling ideas, and dad shoe ideas.

As you can see above there are so many ways of styling when it comes to sneakers. I am loving the sweatshirt and sweatpants vibe for the fall and winter, and highly recommend trying that styling out for yourself. If you have a more girly or street overall style you can definitely incorporate a dad shoe into your wardrobe.

When I think dad shoe my mind automatically goes to three particular shoes one being the Balenciaga Triple S, Yeezy 700, and the most affordable being the all white Adidas Falcon. Walking around NYC and you can see so many fashionable individuals rocking the Balenciaga Triple S and making them their own unique look. Below Take a look at these three shoes and possibly give a pair of them a try.

I believe what makes an outfit is solely based on your accessories, shoes, and bag choice. I highly recommend checking out adding a pair of chunky sneakers or “dad shoes” to your wardrobe for that comfy chic look. Any budget, any style there is sure to be a pair out there that suit your personality.

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Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

My Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Picks

This month is going to be great when it comes to beauty deals. Ulta is holding their annual 21 days of beauty sale, and the list does not disappoint. Some brands such as KKW beauty, Tarte, Lorac, Kylie Cosmetics, Dermalogica, and so many more can be featured for a sale of 50% off retail price. The trick is to take a look at the sale calendar and see which days hold the products that you need on sale, then I highly recommend going to your nearest Ulta and buying your products there instead of having to pay shipping multiple times over. Some of the best beauty brands and the best skincare brands in the game are having such great sales, and if your someone like me who loves a good bargain I would definitely check it out. Below I’m going to show what I think are the best bangs for you buck, take a look and feel free to tap on the picture to take you to the Ulta website.

September 2

50% off KKW Beauty

Eyeshadow Palettes NOW $15-22.50
reg $30-$45

September 5

50% off Tarte Shape Tape

NOW $13.50
reg $27

September 6

50% off Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation

NOW $19
reg $38

September 10

50% off LORAC Pro Palettes

NOW $19.50
reg $39

September 13

50% off Clinique CliniqueiD

NOW $7.25-19.75
reg $14.50-39.50

September 17

September 19

50% off IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer with SPF 50+ Original and Oil Free

NOW $19.75
reg $39

Thanks for looking at my top picks for the Ulta 21 days of Beauty don’t forget to look at the sale calendar on and see if there’s any goodies that catch your eye. The sale is from September 3 to the 19th.

Bottega Vaneta Hype

Bottega Vanetta has been a luxury brand since the early 60’s. The Italian luxury good and high end fashion brand has made a huge impact on the last two years fashion trends. The classic Bottega woven leather is a staple, and a style that will Cath the eye of many people. One of the hottest items from the company is their lovely pouch clutches, and square toe heels. Thanks to Kylie Jenner who managed to make the Bottega square toe heel trend happen, we have been able to see this style featured on many of our favorite celebs. If you are looking for a luxury designer that doesn’t have labels all over Bottega Vaneta is a perfect fit, those who love fashion will recognize brand, and those who dont will appreciate the bag for its simple artistry.

The Pouch

The bag you’ve seen on models, celebrities, influencers, and fashion insiders alike is the Bottega Veneta Pouch. This gorgeous and luxurious Italian leather pouch just screams casual chic. Great for day to night we understand where all this hype is coming from. The different color ways, and leather materials allows everyone to find the perfect pair that fits into the daily day to day wear. The clutch is extremely oversized and quite simple, with soft folds of leather which cover the rigid, magnetic frame and complete the voluminous clutch. The clutch is simple and also a statement at the same time, it is a great first Bottega Piece to add to your collection.

The Square Toe Heel

This years hottest trend is the square toe heel. Kylie Jenner first introduced herself wearing this style shoe last year on her instagram, and it has blown up ever since. The comfort and the unique style is what makes these shoes such a hit. Whether you are someone who wears heels for casual wear, work, or going out the many different styles and color combinations allows everyone to find their perfect pair for their needs.

Other Popular Pieces

Prices for Bottega Vaneta may not be the most affordable but their bags quality and styles is what sets them apart from all the other luxury retailers. Below I am going to show you some of the other popular pieces that we will be seeing a lot of for the next few seasons.

Streetwear Styling 101

One of the best chic and comfy style categories is streetwear. It is a style that anybody can wear no matter their age or budget. The key aspects of street wear consist of hoodies, sneakers, skate wear, hats, and oversized jackets. Layering is key when it comes to streetwear styling, always pair basics with one pop of pattern. Streetwear is no the most feminine of styles, but you can add some jewelry or hair accessories to make it more feminine. Today you see all of your favorite celebs jumping into the streetwear category, their oversized mom jeans and sneakers is the hottest style season for many. So let’s take a look at some styling ideas, and hopefully influence you to add some more streetwear pieces to your wardrobe.

Hoodies are Key

As you can see above a simple hoodie is the perfect to having a the best “fit”. pair with you fa write jeans or sweatpants, throw on some accessories and look super street stylish. The comfort and cuteness of hoodies makes styling them extremely easy with items already that are in your closet.

What Goes On The Feet?

The two calories for footwear that you want to stay in when styling street clothes is either boots or chunky sneakers. For the past few years “dad shoes” have been all the rage they add an element of grunge and texture to your outfit. When going for boots always lean towards a pair that have a more thick sole. Some staple shoes to look for if they are in your budget is Air Jordan 1’s, Timberland Boots, Nike Air Force 1, Adidas Falcons, and even black High top Converse for only $50. If your purchasing shoes like these for the first time, I highly reccomend staying in the black or white color tones.

Accessory Styling

The best way to pull your outfit together and really make it special is by adding a few unique accessories. Hats, sunglasses, and statement jewelry are going to be the three main accessories you want to focus on when styling your outfit. hot items right now are oversized or really small sunglasses, bucket hats and beanies, and cross body or top handle bags. One of the most popular looks you see is the pairing between a crossbody fanny pack and a bucket hat or beanie. Take a look at some of the accessory styling below and get some inspiration for your winter streetwear outfits.

Its All About The Outerwear

Stay warm and stay chic at the same time. Don’t hesitate to throw on an oversized jacket when finishing up your look. A jacket is the perfect statement to add to a simple look. choose from a puffer, denim, sherpa, or pea coat and really elevate your look. Take a look below on styling ideas and different jacket pairings that fit more into your personality.

White Boot Trend

For the upcoming Fall Season White Boots are going to be all the rage. In certain places right now we are beginning to transition into our cooler weather wardrobe. A white boot is all you need this year for a simple hoodie and leggings fit, or sweater and skinny jean outfit, the white boot is going to be your friend. throwing on a pair of white boots adds a soft touch to denim and looks great paired with workwear and even tights.

DR. MARTENS Combs Boot, Main, color, WHITE LEATHER

Here are styles of must have white boots that you are going to need for this coming season, and don’t forget to check out the the styling tips with each pair.

Check out these amazing Dr. Martens utility boot. I would consider theses to be a crossover between a timberland and a a classic doc boot. The combination of leather and the chunky sole make this shoe one of the most perfect boots for anyones closet and price range. For $89 I highly recommend adding this boot to your collection. below are some tips on how to style these boots for anyones personal style.

Some of my favorite casual pairings for these boots can be seen a above. Swap out the classic Doc boot that you seen in the photos and add the new all white utility boots to any of these outfit inspos and you will be having yourself a whole look. My favorite outfit styling can be seen in the last photo, a simple sweat suit and layering jacket paired with your favorite pair of sunnies and handbag is not only comfortable, but extremely chic paired with the all white boots.

Who doesn’t love a simple yet gorgeous heeled boot. Take your favorite skinny jeans, turtle neck, and jacket, and turn your outfit from a 6 to a ten just by adding a simple heeled white bootie. Everything looks good with a heeled bootie, you can take the most basic outfit and really dress it up by adding your favorite boot. You can see all your fav celebs rocking white boots this season. Take a look at some outfit inspo below and find some boots that speak to you and your personal style.

Lastly Let’s take a look at some other styles of White boots that might interest you wether you’re someone who is constantly on the go, or loves a good statement for going out, some of these styles below might be perfect for you.

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6 Must Have Sneaker For Under $100

6 Must Have Sneaker For Under $100

Sneaker season is all year round, The best time for sneakers is definitely in the cold weather seasons. Throw on your favorite leggings and oversized hoodie, and pair it with your favorite sneakers, and you got your self a super cute and casual fall look. Let me show you the best sneakers to have in your closet for this year all for under $100.

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low Women's Shoe
Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low $100

The Air Force 1 is one of the hottest shoes of the past two years. The classic silhouette is easy to style and is extremely convenient when trying to pair with an outfit. Their comfortable durable, and a great price. Prices and color vary.

Nike RYZ 365 $85

The Nike RYZ 365 are the perfect chunky shoe for all styles. the different colors and variations allow you to play around with the styling of the shoe. For just $85 these shoes are so fun and fashion forward.

Old Skool Vans $59

You can never go wrong with a simple lace up sneaker. A good pair of Vans are a must have staple in everyones wardrobe. They can be worn with dresses, leggings, skirts, jeans, and the 1000’s of different color ways make it easy to find a pair that suit your personality.

Adidas Falcon $50-$100

The Adidas Falcon is one of the best dad shoes for women in the game. With an affordable price at retail for $100 you can also find these beauties on the Adidas website for as low as $50. I would describe these shoes as a perfect amount of chunk and comfort, with enough color variations to fit into anyones closet.

Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker
Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker $75

Scoop up a pair of these Reebok Classics and use them for any outfit for either day to night. These sneakers are great to throw on with literally whatever outfit you have on. Dresses, skirts, shorts, or even sweatpants these shoes are a great go to. These shoes will forever be a classic.

Nike Air Max 270 React (American Modern Art) Men's Shoes
Nike Air Max 270 React (American Modern Art) on Sale $89

The Nike Air Max 270 is a great crossover of a tennis shoe and everyday sneaker. I am loving this color way for this year, and think this shoes would be a great addition to many of your closests. The classic airmax bubble and new airmax comfort technology these shoes are great for anyway who wants to look cute while constantly on the go. The different colors and prices allows anyone to bring a pair of these shoes home.

How To Buy Lululemon on Sale

How To Buy Lululemon On Sale

Every woman in their lifetime should own a pair of classic Lululemon leggings. Today I am going to show you the best way to purchase Lululemon brand new on sale, Yes I said new Lululemon on sale. No more having to save up for a pair of leggings, or have to purchase used from second hand sellers. Follow these steps to get the best deal for one of my favorite activewear brands out there.

1. ALWAYS Check Out The “we made too much” Page On Their Website

If you are looking to purchase right from Lululemon always take a look at the “we made too much” page. To access that page go to their website Then click on Women or Men and in the drop bar click on “we made too much” to access all the sale goodies. Everything from hair accessories to jackets can be found on this page all at a great marked down price.

Check Out These Leggings for only $59

2. See If There Is A Lululemon Outlet Near You

With 12 or more outlet locations there hopefully is a location near you. If there is a location and hour away, let me tell you it is worth the drive. Leggings range from anywhere between $39-$59 and bras and shorts can be anywhere from $19-$39. Let’s not forget all the accessories and outerwear that are marked down to more than 50% off. If you can make it to a Lululemon outlet I strongly recommend it.

3. Check Poshmark For New With Tags Deals

Poshmark has it all, their quick and continent services can get you in touch with some of the best deals for brand new items from the brands we know and love. Dive deep into the Lululemon page and see what people have to offer. Don’t be shy to take advantage of the “make and offer” button. Some sellers will take their best offer and call it a day. You can find some great Lululemon pieces that are brand new and are some great prices up to 70% off.