Designer Boots You NEED

Two of my favorite things are fall and luxury goods, what better way to kick off the colder season by treating yourself to a pair of designer boots. Be smart with your boot decision, take into consideration your lifestyle, your wardrobe, and comfort. Over here at Luxury Loop we are loving the white boot trend for fall and winter, but if that’s not your style I’m going to introduce you to a more essential boot that can be worn for years and still be in style. From classic combat to some more fun pair of boots I’m going to show the do’s and dont’s of designer boots, and the pairs that you NEED in your closet for fall/winter 2020.

Combat Boots

The hottest shoes on the list have got to be the Prada Lug boot, and all I have to say is they are truly something else, the quality and unique style make them far from anything out there on the market in the designer world. If your someone who wants a more subtle look, I would definitely recommend going for the Louis Vuitton platform desert boot, or the Christian Louboutin red sole studded boots. The Louis boots come in many different materials, colors, and height, they are the perfect belt for someone who is looking for that subtle statement of classic Louis Vuitton monogram. Another classic is definitely the Fendi all over logo stretch combat boot, these are for someone who wants to show off their new purchase, and have something fun to were all year round, because they are so light and effortless. Lastly lets talk about the brand new Jimmy Choo x Timberland collaboration, they are a limited edition collab that did not disappoint the fun embroidered Jimmy Choo logo on the hang tag and upper leather makes them a super cool to any classic Timberland fan.

Look book Of All The Must Have Heeled Boots For 2020

Designers such as Chloe, Gucci, Chanel, Valentino, Off White, Christian Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton can all be seen above. There are so many great things about each of these boots, do your research and look at the textures, leathers, embellishments, and really find a pair that speak to you. Your truly can’t go wrong with any of these options they will be classic forever.

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Best Luxury Bags To Start Your Collection

Start your luxury bag collection with some of the most classic pieces from some of the most popular luxury brands in the game. When you’re starting your collection or when it’s time to splurge on a dream bag, consider the ones I am going to show you. These styles below are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Theres something for everyone, whether you’re a small bag type of person or a large type of bag lover these pieces will keep you closet fresh and fabulous for many years to come. Having a classic bag in your collection is the best way to start introducing luxury into your wardrobe. Take a look at these cute, more affordable classic bags, and consider them for when you’re ready to make that big purchase.

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

Made from iconic Monogram canvas, the Speedy 30 is an elegant, compact handbag, a stylish companion for everyday life. This bag was originally created in 1930, and still carries the class and elegance to this day. Not only can you fit everything you could possible need in this bag, it also is a bag that is loved by any luxury lover. The price point for this bag is on the lower end compared to most Louis Vuitton bags coming in at around $1150 depending on which size bag you go with.

2. Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Quilted Leather Crossbody Bag

Stay chic with this leather crossbody bag. The classic YSL flap bag is a great easy bag to add to your collection. This all leather bag is extremely durable and holds a great amount considering its size. If you are someone who lives in the city or an overall small bag lover this bag is perfect you. This style and signature quilting will never go out of style, and is a great bag for anyone who is looking for a chic day to night bag. Its great price point coming in at $1,250 is a good reason to check this bag out and see if its a good fit for your lifestyle.

3. Gucci Neo Vintage GG Supreme belt bag

Being both hands free and stylish is a goal I know any strive for when looking for a new bag. If you are someone who needs their hands free on the daily this Gucci Belt Bag will be a great addiction to your lifestyle. The belt bag in GG Supreme has a retro influenced design. Trimmed with leather, the style is meant to be worn along the waist, or crossbody which is my favorite way to wear it. Having such a classic Gucci piece in your collection is always plus since this classic logo and Gucci strap will never not be in style. The price point is AMAZING for this bag coming in at $890 this bag is a must. It is perfect for everyday or travel, and can hold all your necessities with no problem. If you are someone who is interested in adding a Gucci bag to their life, I strongly recommend this belt bag.

4. Saint Laurent Lou Matelassé Leather Camera Bag

If you are someone who is a fan of showing off some gold or silver hardware, this YSL camera bag is a gorgeous piece to add to anyones collection. For $1,290 you get this gorgeous quality leather quilted bag with a gorgeous tassel. YSL bags are a great investment not only for their quality, but because these bags will never go out of style. This style and size bag is perfect for any body shape or size it is truly the perfect mix of elegance and fun.

5. Chloe Marcie Mini Satchel Bag

If you have not been introduced to the brand Chloe before they are a beautiful designer originating in 1952. The leather quality is out fo this world and the craftsmanship on their bags are truly impeccable. This mini satchel is a beautiful unique bag for someone who is looking for something that is less branded. Chloe bags are beautiful for anyone of any age this calf leather satchel bag with golden hardware is perfect for any one who is looking for a simple bag that will last a lifetime, and always stay fresh looking. For $1,290 this bag is a great luxury piece without showing off its brand. The signature clothes horses will impress those who know Chloe and their history.

6. Saint Laurent East West Calfskin Shopping Tote Bag

This Saint Laurent semi-structured leather shopping tote bag is a beautiful leather bag with magnetic closure to add to your collection. Whether you’re out in town or traveling this bag is a great investment piece to hold all your necessities. Compare to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote this bag is made out of pure leather. For its amazing price of $995 its a no brainer to check this bag out when deciding what bag you want to add into your life. The subtle branding and variety of colors allows any person with any style to find the perfect match for themselves and their life style.

7. Louis Vuitton NÉONOÉ

If you are looking to add s fun and unique bag into your life, I would strongly recommend checking out this Louis Vuitton bag. The bags different varieties and color ways makes this a fun and chic addition to your outfit and lifestyle. This bag is more on the pricey side but if your willing to splurge a little bit more this monogram purse would be a great piece to check out. You can either wear it crossbody or on your shoulder for different looks depending on your outfit. At $1,780 this bag is definitely an investment bag, but it will be sure to be a classic bag and stick around for years to come.